J ROCK (derbyartist) wrote,

A Wrinkle in Time TITLE CARD

If you haven't already heard, the word on the street is that the Picture Book Report, this super secret illustration blog dropped this week and I am incredibly lucky to be contributing along with fourteen other amazing folks. For the rest of the information about the project as well as the place to check out the rest of the contributors head over HERE. Seeing my name on Drawn.ca on Monday felt so so good.

Way back in December when I first got the invite, I did this little test illustration to get the feel of how I was going to tackle this project. Towards the end of this month I have my legit illustration to post for the month of February. This is just to wet your whistle.
A Wrinkle In Time test illustration

Besides that, a quick drawing for homework.
Neighboring Savages

AND LASTLY, I opened an Etsy like a month ago and I haven't told a soul. So now I am. I have an Etsy, consisting completely of cheap old drawings that I don't want to throw out, or put in my portfolio or just give to my mom. I'm even selling drawings that I've never posted up here so even if your purse strings are taut, its still worth a look!

I am so ready to graduate, its not even a joke.
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