J ROCK (derbyartist) wrote,

Zebra Fish

I have known my good friend Bennet since I was in the 8th grade (he skipped the 7th grade). Its probably because I've known him for so long that I never quite realize how brillant he is. He spent all last summer doing colon cancer research at the Mayo clinic, has been accepted to official medial schools and the lab he works at in Richmond was published in some Cancer journal extolling some discovery they made about cancer. He's a year younger than me.
Last weekend he was telling us a story about how in that cancer researching lab, he had been growing Zebra fish. Zebra fish are a naturally occuring fish (they sound fake, don't they) but they were growing them from the cellular phase, which is not naturally occuring in a lab. I guess the story goes that he moved something around, an amino acid or some DNA or something so that when they were fully developed they had mutated. He lovingly deemed them "doughnut" fish, as in each fish had one head and one tail but between those two fish parts, they each had two bodies complete with all the proper sets of organs and functions. They even lived a decent amount of time before the whole lot went belly up.
That is so so cool. A hundred zebra fishes! With two bodies!


In other news, I am done, officially done with that Roller derby story!

POOR FRANKIE panel sample

When the anthology comes out, I will let you all know. Until then, I'll wet your whistle with three pages. Its SO out of context, but posting anymore and I felt like I might as well just post the whole thing then.
I'll set the scene for you. Its been a long night of Rollerderby practice and out young defenseless heroine, Frankie Steinberg is leaving the locker room when she is confronted by a small Igor-esque character.

And, SCENE. Thanks to Jill Beaton, my editor at Oni for her patience with my inability to make my deadlines and to Mrs. April Bozada Armstrong for her script and whom I hope likes the comic once I send her the pages!
POOR FRANKIE sample panel
Senior year has been absolutely crazy and unbelievable and wonderful so far. Half the stuff that has happened I can even vaguely believe are real. Its like a bunch of stories I've over heard about a kid name Jeremy Sorese, who surely isn't me.
I think its sorta a lot like movies set in Highschool that climax at Prom. Prom is just the cafeteria, where an hour and thirty minutes of plot have happpened already. Where huge fights and rivalries have gone down and all that mess, but now its Prom night and everyone is dressed up and is really exciting and it doesn't feel like the cafeteria because it now has theme decorations like "Las Vegas" and the lights are off. But its still the cafeteria.

OH, and before I forget, I did a comic a month ago for FML.com. Doing this comic has now added the phrase "sucks donkey dong" to my vocabulary. I say it more than you would think.
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