J ROCK (derbyartist) wrote,

My entry for this year's Subterranean Anthology. I don't know why but all of my projects I've been working on are filled with nothing but strong willed angry women who are either furious at men or completely devoid of them. The Rape of Io stuff has a peeved Hera and a cheating Zeus, this has angry belligerent wife and her insensitive husband, and the Roller Derby project is filled to the brim with smirking and aggressive women wearing elbow pads and helmets and there isn't a Y chromosome to be found for miles.

And a thing from today to try and warm up my long dormant computer coloring skillz.

I'm sorry if you are sick and tired of hearing about that interview I did, but I totally forgot that I never posted about it over here so after this last mention we can all pretend it never ever happened.

The interview is up on over HERE!
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