J ROCK (derbyartist) wrote,

  I'm sorry that I'm so tight lipped about all this work in progress but I assure you, when the floodgates do open it will be totally worth the wait. It has been really nice to stretch my brain this summer getting really crafty, using actual nails and wood glue and spackle and electric drills and gesso. Comics are cool but I'd lose it if that's all I did.

  Speaking of comics, more work in progress panels.

  This isn't from the Rollerderby story but for something completely different. I've been spending a lot of time trying to craft better comics and not just being a pretty face. Strangely enough, this comic is set in the contemporary now which is a rarity for me. Now that I've been working on, doing more stories set in 2009 are all I can think about! Stories about cell phones and weight loss plans and swimming pools and car accidents and stuff I genuinely know a thing or too about is really exciting all of a sudden! Finding reference for cargo shorts and mini vans was just too much fun to ignore. It finally clicked for me when I re-watched One Fine Day, a movie that if you tried to explain to someone would sound so lame but when you sit down and watch it, is really wonderful. I'm its wonderful BESIDES having Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney in it.

I guess its just all in the finish.
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