J ROCK (derbyartist) wrote,

  Way at the beginning of last quarter, my mom told me that we we're giving our two dogs up for adoption for very legitimate reasons. Chief, which I guess for all extents and purposes was my dog, we had gotten as a pup when I was in the 8th grade. Needless to say, losing that dog stunk.

  A few weeks later the woman who was in charge of the doggie adoption center for cairn terriers told my mom that Chief had been adopted. Not only that, but he was adopted by two gay men who share an apartment in the upper east side of Manhattan. They spend their weekends out at their vacation home in the Hamptons and they have a professional dog walker come every day and walk MY dog. I still miss that dog ( A LOT) but the idea of him parading through Central Park or sunning himself by a window that overlooks busy Manhattan streets is just too wonderful to be sad about. 

  I guess that's what my life has been like for the past while. Things stink and are strange but then get unexpectedly wonderful. I had my hernia operation a few weeks back and it was (cross your fingers) completely effortless. My doctor even deemed it the "Mack truck" of hernias because in his umpteen years of performing surgerys on active duty military men, my hernia was the biggest he has ever seen. Also despite having a hernia last quarter, I someone found myself a boyfriend and my first official relationship. If you told me a year ago about any of the stuff that has happened, I'd never believe you.

  Right now I'm working on a short comic for ONI about Rollerderby girls. I didn't write it but I'm trying to draw the heck out of it. I actually started it way back in March but trying to balance classes with this project was abysmal. Recently, I found out the project's been generously extended so I completely ripped up my old pages and old character designs to start a new. It wasn't that they were bad, per se, it was just they could be SO much better.

I think my decision was a good one. I'm trying to use stronger blacks and thicker lines and less hatching and just have a lot more fun doing comics. Once the pages are done, I still hafta color this beast.

Besides that, here's a sketch of Scylla the greek monster from the Illiad. She is nothing but wolves from the waist down!

Did I also mention, I'm on FLICKR now?
And I am SO excited about this movie! Cooking! Meryl Streep! Stanley Tucci! Amy Adams! Oh my goodness!
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