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R.I.P. Derbyartist [14 Jun 2010|05:02pm]

Its official! I'm a college grad and its time for a change of URL!

Thanks for the memories, Livejournal, of the special times we shared together but we've just grown apart and we both know it. You will always hold a special place in my heart!
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[27 Apr 2010|03:30pm]
"Nother month, 'nother chapter.

Mrs. Which Chapter 3

After the abrupt conversation with Mrs. Who, our three heros return to the Murry household for dinner. Back home, Mrs. Murry is preparing both a hearty stew and an elaborate science experiment in the lab connected to the side of their house. Sandy and Dennys are loudly building a tree fort in a maple tree in the yard. Calvin calls home to let his parents know he won't be back for dinner but complains to Meg that he really didn't need to on account of his huge family not really caring about one another. He describes his toothless mother with crazy hair and on the phone talks with his brother Hinky, and Meg realizes how lucky she is to have such a wonderful supportive family. Meg gives Calvin the tour of the home, looking at old photographs of her father standing at Cape Canaveral with his science buddies and afterwards the two of the them do math homework at the kitchen table. Surprisingly, Calvin finds out that Meg is a math genius, solving the most complicated of his math problems with strange shortcuts and cheats. Meg only has the reputation for being "stupid" because of her stubbornness, temper and her chicken scratch handwriting.

Over dinner, Sandy and Denny are obsessed with Calvin's athletic record as he pounds bowl after bowl of stew. The twins retire to the den for television, Calvin brings Charles upstair to read him a bed time story while Meg and her mother hang around the kitchen. They reminisce over Mr. Murry and talk about Charles, how he's something different, new, in tune with the world in a way no one else is. 

Later, Meg and Calvin take a walk through the moonlit night, past the family's vegetable garden, past the small apple orchard to a rock wall bordering the large woods they had passed through that afternoon. The two sit on the rock wall, Calvin finally getting some facts out of Meg on Mr. Murry. He's a physicist, has NOT run off with another woman and there is no way he's dead, Meg says, because her mother went down to Washington D.C. and they said that if they hear anything, they would let the Murry household know. In her stress, Meg finally starts to cry, nervous that maybe even the government doesn't know where her father is. Calvin comforts her, trying feebly to let her know that without her glasses she has the most gorgeous eyes. The moment is interrupted by Charles Wallace, bounding through the forest followed by both Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who.

Mrs. Whatsit scrambles over the rock wall, only to have both the stolen sheet she was wearing and her pink stole get caught in a low hanging tree branch. Mrs. Who comes to the rescue, makes a snarky comment and the two start at one anther until out of the woods comes a circle of silver, speaking in a strange voice breaking up the two squabbling women. Our trio of heros are off to somewhere and Meg hopes that its find her father.

I'm so excited for next months illustration, A Wrinkle In Time is finally taking a turn away from woods and kitchens and off to planets unknown. First off on the itinerary is Uriel, the third planet of the star Malak in the spiral nebula Messier 101. Trust me, that planet exists. Don't worry.

     Speaking of books that I'm extremely attached to, last night I finished Adverbs by Daniel Handler and loved it. Its like a crazy meta-novel, a concept album of a novel almost 300 pages that is either a collection of short stories that are crazily linked or an elaborate joke, where Handler is stringing us along. OH, and its nothing but stories on love.


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[21 Apr 2010|12:15pm]
STRAND {Design #2}
STRAND {Design #1}

My two entries for the Strand Book Store Tote Bag Contest that lost by a landslide.
You check out the winners (I'm just saying the second place winner is better than the first place) HERE.
Spanish Child's Dream

Also, I was invited to contribute to a project where 200 artists illustrate the dreams of Spanish children to be later published in a book. The dream I illustrated was...

"Once I dreamed that I was the king of the world and I ordered to build more cities and more planets, and every midnight an eclipse came out and I saw it with my very big telescope and destroyed it."

You can read the rest of the dreams HERE.
And see the rest of the pieces HERE
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[14 Apr 2010|10:49pm]
FLAT BOOK Portfolio Cover FLAT BOOK Back Cover

The front and back cover of a flat book I made for an internship I'm applying for. I could not for the life of me figure how to make these two images butt up against one another without getting shrunk down by Flickr.
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[30 Mar 2010|10:23pm]

My good friend and neighbor Jonathan Wolfe has started this little music project called Troll Town and he's released the first batch of songs as a free EP called "Chevalier", downloadable HERE. I did the cover even if the Wikipedia article for Album Covers claims that the Album cover is dead, but what do they know?
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A WRINKLE IN TIME Chp. 2 Mrs. Who [23 Mar 2010|04:21pm]
Another month, another A WRINKLE IN TIME illustration.

If you remember where I left off last month, the Murry household had been visited by a strange little woman named Mrs. Whatsit during the middle of a terrible stormy night. As she left, Mrs. Whatsit spoke of a tesseract which shocked Mrs. Murry and a confused Meg went to bed without a clue as to what a tesseract is or why her mother was so shaken by hearing the word.

The next morning, Meg awoke to realize that their nocturnal visitor was in fact real and not a dream as she hoped. Her two brothers Sandy and Denny complain that they weren’t woken up for all the excitement and after a breakfast of french toast, the Murry children head off to school. In class, Meg is distracted and tired, cannot remember the principal exports of Nicaragua and is sent to the office for talking back to her teacher. Even worse, the principal tries prying Meg for information regarding her father, especially now that it has been almost a year since the Murry household has heard from him.

A bitter and embarrassed Meg returns home, to find Charles waiting for her, eager to take a stroll through the woods with his older sister and their dog Fortinbras. Charles has even predicted her hunger and packed an afternoon snack for her. In the woods they stumble upon Calvin O’Keefe, a tall gangly kid who plays basketball at Meg’s school. Charles gives him the third degree, curious as to why he is wandering through the woods by himself and Calvin explains that he has “compulsions” (see second illustration I posted last month). Charles decides the three of them should visit Mrs. Whatsit who lives in a little rickety little shack with a reputation of being haunted. Inside is not Mrs. Whatsit but Mrs. Who, which is what I illustrated above.  The conversation with the short squat woman is quick and even more confusing for Meg than the encounter with Mrs. Whatsit. Kicked out of the shack, the three kids decide to go back to the Murry household for dinner.

Lead on, moron,”Calvin cried gaily. “I’ve never even seen your house, and I have the funniest feeling that for the first time in my life I’m going home!”


AND in other good news, I DON'T have a hernia this year. As I'm sure you know, for the past two years I've had a hernia right about this time making summer plans nothing but hospital visits and recovering from subsequent surgery. It feels so unbelievably nice to be hernia free I couldn't even begin to explain.
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[09 Mar 2010|11:44pm]
NEWCITY Magazine cover

I did this weeks' cover to the NewCity magazine in Chicago. It hits news stands this Thursday and its free so you can't beat that!
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PICTURE BOOK REPORT! [23 Feb 2010|01:47pm]
 A WRINKLE IN TIME {Chapter 1}

Its official! My first A Wrinkle In Time illustration just went live and I am so nervous, it ain't even a joke. You can see the actual post over HERE. (As well as a larger version of my illustration...)

  Here's what I wrote over there, which I am just posting over here.

Mrs. Whatsit Chapter 1
  For those that haven't read A Wrinkle In Time, the story centers around the Murry family, specifically Meg Murry and her youngest sibling Charles Wallace. Meg is a awkward pubescent high school girl with a  fiery temper, terrible grades and braces to boot. Charles is the baby of the family, an extremely bright boy but outside the company of his family, is silent. Most people assume he's a little slow causing Meg to defend her brother in  countless fist fights. The Murry household is rounded out by Sandy and Dennys, the middle siblings, their dog Fortinbras and their mother, a brilliant scientist. Their father is also a scientist but has been missing for months, supposedly on a business trip doing who knows what somewhere in the universe. 
  The novel opens on a dark and stormy night and Meg cannot sleep while a terrible hurricane whips the sides of her attic bedroom. This compounded with a terrible week at school and a scuffle with a dumb boy that afternoon, Meg is convinced the world is out to get her. Going down to the kitchen for a midnight snack, she finds Charles who predicted her plan and has already started to simmer milk on the stove for her. Charles has a way about him, he always seems to know exactly whats bothering Meg, whatever it may be. The two kids are soon joined by their mother who is also restless and hungry. In the middle of the sandwiches and hot chocolate, Fortinbras starts to bark. When Mrs. Murry goes to investigate what could possibly be out and about on a night like tonight, she brings back a person bundled tightly in layers of clothing. Meg is convinced its the tramp she heard about at the post office, come to her house to murder her whole family. Actually its Mrs. Whatstit, a small elderly woman whom Charles had met in the woods a few days before. Her boots are filled with water and Mrs. Murry helps to remove them to dry them out, (as seen above). As Mrs. Whatsit leaves, she turns to Mrs. Murry and says, with no prompting, that tesseracts do exist. Mrs. Murry is shaken, the color draining from her face as the squat woman heads back out into the storm.
The door slammed.
" Mother, what's the matter!" Meg cried. "What did 
she say?" What is it?"
"The tesseract -" Mrs. Murry whispered. "What 
did she mean? How could she have known?"

Take care everybody!
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[13 Feb 2010|02:30pm]

A quickie I did for a SCAD poster contest to possibly promote this flick coming to Savannah called "Died Young, Stayed Pretty" which is about the gig poster scene.

You can watch the trailer HERE and see past entry winners.
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[04 Feb 2010|02:59pm]
A Wrinkle in Time TITLE CARD

If you haven't already heard, the word on the street is that the Picture Book Report, this super secret illustration blog dropped this week and I am incredibly lucky to be contributing along with fourteen other amazing folks. For the rest of the information about the project as well as the place to check out the rest of the contributors head over HERE. Seeing my name on Drawn.ca on Monday felt so so good.

Way back in December when I first got the invite, I did this little test illustration to get the feel of how I was going to tackle this project. Towards the end of this month I have my legit illustration to post for the month of February. This is just to wet your whistle.
A Wrinkle In Time test illustration

Besides that, a quick drawing for homework.
Neighboring Savages

AND LASTLY, I opened an Etsy like a month ago and I haven't told a soul. So now I am. I have an Etsy, consisting completely of cheap old drawings that I don't want to throw out, or put in my portfolio or just give to my mom. I'm even selling drawings that I've never posted up here so even if your purse strings are taut, its still worth a look!

I am so ready to graduate, its not even a joke.
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MAKE HASTE! FOR THE END DRAWS NEAR! [30 Dec 2009|03:24pm]

Though the drawing is from waaay back in October, I finally got around to printing my first official promotional postcard. I already mailed out a handful this morning! The future is knocking and I'm trying to not leave it out in the cold.


On the back of each one is all of my information which I just straight up Kinko-ed to cut down on cost. Each of those little birds, I cut out of the yellow paper, glue some red construction paper behind and spray adhere the whole thing to the back of the postcard.

I hope everyone's holiday's have been great and wonderful and safe and sound! 
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[04 Dec 2009|05:38pm]
Zebra Fish

I have known my good friend Bennet since I was in the 8th grade (he skipped the 7th grade). Its probably because I've known him for so long that I never quite realize how brillant he is. He spent all last summer doing colon cancer research at the Mayo clinic, has been accepted to official medial schools and the lab he works at in Richmond was published in some Cancer journal extolling some discovery they made about cancer. He's a year younger than me.
Last weekend he was telling us a story about how in that cancer researching lab, he had been growing Zebra fish. Zebra fish are a naturally occuring fish (they sound fake, don't they) but they were growing them from the cellular phase, which is not naturally occuring in a lab. I guess the story goes that he moved something around, an amino acid or some DNA or something so that when they were fully developed they had mutated. He lovingly deemed them "doughnut" fish, as in each fish had one head and one tail but between those two fish parts, they each had two bodies complete with all the proper sets of organs and functions. They even lived a decent amount of time before the whole lot went belly up.
That is so so cool. A hundred zebra fishes! With two bodies!


In other news, I am done, officially done with that Roller derby story!

POOR FRANKIE panel sample

When the anthology comes out, I will let you all know. Until then, I'll wet your whistle with three pages. Its SO out of context, but posting anymore and I felt like I might as well just post the whole thing then.
I'll set the scene for you. Its been a long night of Rollerderby practice and out young defenseless heroine, Frankie Steinberg is leaving the locker room when she is confronted by a small Igor-esque character.

And, SCENE. Thanks to Jill Beaton, my editor at Oni for her patience with my inability to make my deadlines and to Mrs. April Bozada Armstrong for her script and whom I hope likes the comic once I send her the pages!
POOR FRANKIE sample panel
Senior year has been absolutely crazy and unbelievable and wonderful so far. Half the stuff that has happened I can even vaguely believe are real. Its like a bunch of stories I've over heard about a kid name Jeremy Sorese, who surely isn't me.
I think its sorta a lot like movies set in Highschool that climax at Prom. Prom is just the cafeteria, where an hour and thirty minutes of plot have happpened already. Where huge fights and rivalries have gone down and all that mess, but now its Prom night and everyone is dressed up and is really exciting and it doesn't feel like the cafeteria because it now has theme decorations like "Las Vegas" and the lights are off. But its still the cafeteria.

OH, and before I forget, I did a comic a month ago for FML.com. Doing this comic has now added the phrase "sucks donkey dong" to my vocabulary. I say it more than you would think.
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RINSE, LATHER, REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT. [13 Oct 2009|04:25pm]

Senior year is in full swing and I am doing really well. Exhausted and nervous and still awkwardly making things awkward, but good. I'm now, finally, 21 and a senior in college, two milestones that I've imagined reaching for years and I still don't know if I'm qualified to be either. I should be so much cooler now that I'm legal.

I read Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli and weeks later I'm still not quite sure if I have the mental maturity to completely appreciate how wonderful and amazing and spell binding that book is. It now sits proudly, spine out, on my desk and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't reread parts of it. Its just so great so find something that rationalizes why I bust my bones, day in and day out, on comics.

I'm almost done with Bee Season by Myla Goldberg. Its going to be a sad day when I'm done. Remember back in High school that perfect little window when everyone reads Catcher in the Rye and the words just sing themselves into your 16 year old heart? I could not have picked a better time in my life to read Bee Season. I can't remember the last time a book made me weepy 62 pages in. Bee Season just perfectly exemplifies how stressful it is to be a youth with "potential" and if there is anything I can relate to, its that.

AND the new Whitney Houston album is so good! No joke! I've spent many a night doing the dishes to this song. There's this other song, a duet between Akon and Whitney called "Like I Never Left" that gets me every time.

Besides that, I do homework.

Hope all is well with you all!
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[08 Sep 2009|05:05pm]

My entry for this year's Subterranean Anthology. I don't know why but all of my projects I've been working on are filled with nothing but strong willed angry women who are either furious at men or completely devoid of them. The Rape of Io stuff has a peeved Hera and a cheating Zeus, this has angry belligerent wife and her insensitive husband, and the Roller Derby project is filled to the brim with smirking and aggressive women wearing elbow pads and helmets and there isn't a Y chromosome to be found for miles.

And a thing from today to try and warm up my long dormant computer coloring skillz.

I'm sorry if you are sick and tired of hearing about that interview I did, but I totally forgot that I never posted about it over here so after this last mention we can all pretend it never ever happened.

The interview is up on over HERE!
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WHAT I DID WITH MY SUMMER VACATION; an essay by Jeremy Sorese [28 Aug 2009|07:54am]

 Coming up in two weeks is the "Small Works BIG Idea" gallery show at the APW gallery in New York and I was lucky enough to be invited to participate!

Each piece of the four pieces depict one aspect of the Greek myth concerning the rape of Io. As the story starts, Io was a priestess in Hera's temple that Zeus had kind of a thing for. Under the cover of thick storm clouds, Zeus had his way with Io, as seen here.

For this piece, it has a moving component. When you rotate the small temple on the top of the piece, it moves the view finder hidden by Zeus' hands to reveal Io in the throes of passion! Also each piece has a 'certificate of authenticity' on the back of them, like the one depicted above.

Despite the storm clouds, Hera comes to investigate what her husband is up to and discovers a large white cow. To hide his shame, Zeus transformed Io into a cow before he floated off as a group of clouds himself.

Hera, a frequent cleaner-upper of Zeus' affairs, knows whats what when she stumbles onto the white heifer and moves the cow to her personal garden for close surveilance under the watchful eyes of Argus, Hera's personal grounds keeper/ watch dog. There Io spends her days, tethered to an olive tree as a cow. The sides of the piece illustrate how Zeus sent Hermes to put Argus to sleep with his music in order to slay him and free Io. Aware of what's happening, Hera sends the maddening gadfly to bite Io, causing Io become enraged and break free of her constraints.

For this piece, the inside of Argus' head is hollow and when you look in his eyes, you can see what he sees as he keeps vigil over Io.

While her in gadfly frenzy, Io runs around the world cursed by Hera with no rest.

This piece is based off of those children's bead toys you always see at dentist offices. Io the cow is split over three beads and you can too can move Io around the globe, chased by the gadfly (also in bead form).

Looking back on this month and a half of work, it was a lot of fun I am just SO invigorated to get back to comics. Gesso-ing cardboard and x-acto-ing tiny doric columns was fun but I miss word balloons and panel borders!

AND if you are in the New York area or know anyone that is, please try and stop by the APW gallery for the opening! The open reception is Sept 4th, from 7pm to 9 and my mom is going to be there and she's awesome and there are like 250 artists participating so you should totally go. The gallery website is HERE, if you need it!

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[04 Aug 2009|09:37pm]

  I'm sorry that I'm so tight lipped about all this work in progress but I assure you, when the floodgates do open it will be totally worth the wait. It has been really nice to stretch my brain this summer getting really crafty, using actual nails and wood glue and spackle and electric drills and gesso. Comics are cool but I'd lose it if that's all I did.

  Speaking of comics, more work in progress panels.

  This isn't from the Rollerderby story but for something completely different. I've been spending a lot of time trying to craft better comics and not just being a pretty face. Strangely enough, this comic is set in the contemporary now which is a rarity for me. Now that I've been working on, doing more stories set in 2009 are all I can think about! Stories about cell phones and weight loss plans and swimming pools and car accidents and stuff I genuinely know a thing or too about is really exciting all of a sudden! Finding reference for cargo shorts and mini vans was just too much fun to ignore. It finally clicked for me when I re-watched One Fine Day, a movie that if you tried to explain to someone would sound so lame but when you sit down and watch it, is really wonderful. I'm its wonderful BESIDES having Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney in it.

I guess its just all in the finish.
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[14 Jul 2009|08:37pm]

First off, a work in progress for something coming up. I don't think I've been this busy in quite some time and for all my little freak out moments, I am so lucky to be given all of these opportunities to do what I love to do.

Also, the ubiquitous Harry Potter fan art. 

I am SO excited for this movie. For those that don't know, I'm a huge fan of moments in life paralleling each other such as momentous events happening on the same day years apart. For example, I broke two separate bones on the same day a year apart when I was in middle school. This movie is coming out in just over three hours on July 15th and the book of the Half Blood Prince was released four years ago on the 16th of July. I still remember desperately inhaling the book while I was at a month long summer camp, nervous about my Senior year of High School and feeling like I was finally coming into my own as an awkward sixteen year old. And now this movie is coming out, me an awkward twenty year old, finally feeling like I'm coming into my own and nervous about my Senior year of college.

I'm hoping that I can handle more Harry Potter hallway snogging than an episode of Degrassi.
It just seems that all kissing scenes pale in comparison after I've seen this one.

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[03 Jul 2009|04:48pm]

  Way at the beginning of last quarter, my mom told me that we we're giving our two dogs up for adoption for very legitimate reasons. Chief, which I guess for all extents and purposes was my dog, we had gotten as a pup when I was in the 8th grade. Needless to say, losing that dog stunk.

  A few weeks later the woman who was in charge of the doggie adoption center for cairn terriers told my mom that Chief had been adopted. Not only that, but he was adopted by two gay men who share an apartment in the upper east side of Manhattan. They spend their weekends out at their vacation home in the Hamptons and they have a professional dog walker come every day and walk MY dog. I still miss that dog ( A LOT) but the idea of him parading through Central Park or sunning himself by a window that overlooks busy Manhattan streets is just too wonderful to be sad about. 

  I guess that's what my life has been like for the past while. Things stink and are strange but then get unexpectedly wonderful. I had my hernia operation a few weeks back and it was (cross your fingers) completely effortless. My doctor even deemed it the "Mack truck" of hernias because in his umpteen years of performing surgerys on active duty military men, my hernia was the biggest he has ever seen. Also despite having a hernia last quarter, I someone found myself a boyfriend and my first official relationship. If you told me a year ago about any of the stuff that has happened, I'd never believe you.

  Right now I'm working on a short comic for ONI about Rollerderby girls. I didn't write it but I'm trying to draw the heck out of it. I actually started it way back in March but trying to balance classes with this project was abysmal. Recently, I found out the project's been generously extended so I completely ripped up my old pages and old character designs to start a new. It wasn't that they were bad, per se, it was just they could be SO much better.

I think my decision was a good one. I'm trying to use stronger blacks and thicker lines and less hatching and just have a lot more fun doing comics. Once the pages are done, I still hafta color this beast.

Besides that, here's a sketch of Scylla the greek monster from the Illiad. She is nothing but wolves from the waist down!

Did I also mention, I'm on FLICKR now?
And I am SO excited about this movie! Cooking! Meryl Streep! Stanley Tucci! Amy Adams! Oh my goodness!
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[30 Mar 2009|07:50pm]
Dave is moving out come June and I still need a new roommate. Searching in the sequential building was pretty lack luster so I'm broadening my net and trying all the other departments. I secretly just want an anime girl roommate with Chobits wall scrolls who fills me in on what happened this week on Inuyasha.

Or at least the new Pickering to my Henry Higgins.
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[28 Mar 2009|10:49pm]

   This year's SCAD sequential cover is finally and irrevocably complete! All that's left is to put a few SCAD bumper stickers on it.
Life is pretty gosh darn wonderful right now! I have this huge project I'm working on, due in less than a month that is the scariest thing I've ever had to tackle! But I got it! I just gotta have a little faith a-faith a-faith!
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