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"Nother month, 'nother chapter.

Mrs. Which Chapter 3

After the abrupt conversation with Mrs. Who, our three heros return to the Murry household for dinner. Back home, Mrs. Murry is preparing both a hearty stew and an elaborate science experiment in the lab connected to the side of their house. Sandy and Dennys are loudly building a tree fort in a maple tree in the yard. Calvin calls home to let his parents know he won't be back for dinner but complains to Meg that he really didn't need to on account of his huge family not really caring about one another. He describes his toothless mother with crazy hair and on the phone talks with his brother Hinky, and Meg realizes how lucky she is to have such a wonderful supportive family. Meg gives Calvin the tour of the home, looking at old photographs of her father standing at Cape Canaveral with his science buddies and afterwards the two of the them do math homework at the kitchen table. Surprisingly, Calvin finds out that Meg is a math genius, solving the most complicated of his math problems with strange shortcuts and cheats. Meg only has the reputation for being "stupid" because of her stubbornness, temper and her chicken scratch handwriting.

Over dinner, Sandy and Denny are obsessed with Calvin's athletic record as he pounds bowl after bowl of stew. The twins retire to the den for television, Calvin brings Charles upstair to read him a bed time story while Meg and her mother hang around the kitchen. They reminisce over Mr. Murry and talk about Charles, how he's something different, new, in tune with the world in a way no one else is. 

Later, Meg and Calvin take a walk through the moonlit night, past the family's vegetable garden, past the small apple orchard to a rock wall bordering the large woods they had passed through that afternoon. The two sit on the rock wall, Calvin finally getting some facts out of Meg on Mr. Murry. He's a physicist, has NOT run off with another woman and there is no way he's dead, Meg says, because her mother went down to Washington D.C. and they said that if they hear anything, they would let the Murry household know. In her stress, Meg finally starts to cry, nervous that maybe even the government doesn't know where her father is. Calvin comforts her, trying feebly to let her know that without her glasses she has the most gorgeous eyes. The moment is interrupted by Charles Wallace, bounding through the forest followed by both Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who.

Mrs. Whatsit scrambles over the rock wall, only to have both the stolen sheet she was wearing and her pink stole get caught in a low hanging tree branch. Mrs. Who comes to the rescue, makes a snarky comment and the two start at one anther until out of the woods comes a circle of silver, speaking in a strange voice breaking up the two squabbling women. Our trio of heros are off to somewhere and Meg hopes that its find her father.

I'm so excited for next months illustration, A Wrinkle In Time is finally taking a turn away from woods and kitchens and off to planets unknown. First off on the itinerary is Uriel, the third planet of the star Malak in the spiral nebula Messier 101. Trust me, that planet exists. Don't worry.

     Speaking of books that I'm extremely attached to, last night I finished Adverbs by Daniel Handler and loved it. Its like a crazy meta-novel, a concept album of a novel almost 300 pages that is either a collection of short stories that are crazily linked or an elaborate joke, where Handler is stringing us along. OH, and its nothing but stories on love.


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