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WHAT I DID WITH MY SUMMER VACATION; an essay by Jeremy Sorese

 Coming up in two weeks is the "Small Works BIG Idea" gallery show at the APW gallery in New York and I was lucky enough to be invited to participate!

Each piece of the four pieces depict one aspect of the Greek myth concerning the rape of Io. As the story starts, Io was a priestess in Hera's temple that Zeus had kind of a thing for. Under the cover of thick storm clouds, Zeus had his way with Io, as seen here.

For this piece, it has a moving component. When you rotate the small temple on the top of the piece, it moves the view finder hidden by Zeus' hands to reveal Io in the throes of passion! Also each piece has a 'certificate of authenticity' on the back of them, like the one depicted above.

Despite the storm clouds, Hera comes to investigate what her husband is up to and discovers a large white cow. To hide his shame, Zeus transformed Io into a cow before he floated off as a group of clouds himself.

Hera, a frequent cleaner-upper of Zeus' affairs, knows whats what when she stumbles onto the white heifer and moves the cow to her personal garden for close surveilance under the watchful eyes of Argus, Hera's personal grounds keeper/ watch dog. There Io spends her days, tethered to an olive tree as a cow. The sides of the piece illustrate how Zeus sent Hermes to put Argus to sleep with his music in order to slay him and free Io. Aware of what's happening, Hera sends the maddening gadfly to bite Io, causing Io become enraged and break free of her constraints.

For this piece, the inside of Argus' head is hollow and when you look in his eyes, you can see what he sees as he keeps vigil over Io.

While her in gadfly frenzy, Io runs around the world cursed by Hera with no rest.

This piece is based off of those children's bead toys you always see at dentist offices. Io the cow is split over three beads and you can too can move Io around the globe, chased by the gadfly (also in bead form).

Looking back on this month and a half of work, it was a lot of fun I am just SO invigorated to get back to comics. Gesso-ing cardboard and x-acto-ing tiny doric columns was fun but I miss word balloons and panel borders!

AND if you are in the New York area or know anyone that is, please try and stop by the APW gallery for the opening! The open reception is Sept 4th, from 7pm to 9 and my mom is going to be there and she's awesome and there are like 250 artists participating so you should totally go. The gallery website is HERE, if you need it!

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